About 3Tech

Power . People
For over 15 years 3Tech has been empowering people worldwide by providing reliable power for their needs.
Our very own LionRock Power range of world class AC and DC Generators form the heart of any primary or backup power requirements anywhere in the world. From small homes to airports to cities – LionRock generators power everything.
In Hong Kong, our home base, our solar portfolio speaks for itself. From powering entire islands with PV arrays and wind turbines to BIPV integrated buildings. Our expert team of engineers and technicians can design, integrate, deploy and maintain such solar hybrid energy solutions anywhere on the globe.
With manufacturing facilities in Dongguan, China and Lagos, Nigeria and operational presence in over thirty nations worldwide, we at 3Tech are committed to bringing life to your world. Wherever you are, whatever your energy requirements, we have the power and we have the people.