All-In-One Generator Set

Integrated LionRock genset, soundproof canopy, ATS, ACDB, enlarged fuel tank and fuel level sensor
Genset control panel integrated with ATS and ACDB
500~2000L diesel fuel tank (custom-made designs available), built-in fuel level sensor
Dummy load control
Auto fuel refilling system (float valve type)
1,000 Hours Maintenance-Free Solution

Space Saving – one integrated unit at a site reduces installation space.
Cost Saving – minimal wiring and piping connections.
Tidy Appearance – well sealed and waterproof.
Low Noise
Easy Operation – integrated control design reduces breakdowns and simplifies procedures.
High Security Fuel Tank – no exposure of base fuel tank and socket.
Low Maintenance Cost – runs continuously for 150~300 hours.
Easy maintenance - fully opening doors, easy for service.

All-In-One Compact Diesel Generating Set