DataCage Data Centre

We bring you the ultimate solution for
your Data Centre needs – The DataCage

The DataCage offers you best in class features for security, mobility and scalability.

The DataCage is an ISO standard shipping container designed and outfitted into a state of
the art fully functional self-contained data centre.

Built to be deployed in any almost any environment, the DataCage is a robust solution that
incorporates IT space, cooling and power distribution in 20ft and 40ft modules.

This form factor, design and structure offers portability, scalability and protection for your
important IT equipment.



The DataCage is a flexible, scalable, portable and secure solution and useful in multiple different scenarios.

Primarily, it can be deployed to quickly increase your raised floor space in a fraction of the time that it takes to construct a regular datacentre. Since its containerised, it can be shipped or airlifted to its destination in days and be deployed in hours.

You can also use the DataCage as processing and storage space for rapid response to disaster recovery, temporary events applications such as concerts, sporting events and film production locations. The DataCage's mobility also is applicable to Oil & Gas, Mining and remote location commercial deployments.

Another practical use is offering you convenient and mobile backup storage for critical data in a compact and discrete form.

The DataCage is also a very easily scalable product. Additional DataCage modules can be added to increase capacity in days.

The DataCage and LionRock power modules connect seamlessly to provide proven and tested backup or primary power in even the most harsh and remote environments.

The diesel driven LionRock power module provides up to 500kVA or 400 kilowatts of reliable mobile electricity - scaling up simply means introducing more DataCage and LionRock Power modules on site.

The form factor of a standard high capacity shipping container inherently provides a durable shell for the DataCage, as well as being discrete.

Furthermore, for remote deployments, customised access systems, IP connected surveillance and comprehensive remote monitoring and management systems fully put you in charge of access and operation of your DataCage.