Telecom Energy Solution,SOLUTIONS,3TECH
Telecom Energy Solution,SOLUTIONS,3TECH

Telecom Energy Solution

As developing countries advance, telecom network is being extended to remote rural areas. Without reliable power infrastructure operating telecom stations in these areas can be tricky. 3Tech’s LionRock Telecom Energy Solutions provided answers to the strategic needs of telecom operators.

Telecom Energy Solution,SOLUTIONS,3TECH

Telecom solutions


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Project Background

During the last quarter of 2018, 3Tech received a few tenders request from a major telecom operator in North Africa. Customer was looking for an innovative energy solution in combination of renewable energy with reliable back up power to address the energy need of their over 1000 remote telecom towers around the country.

3Tech offered complete hassle-free turnkey energy solution. One of the solutions combined the solar power with large capacity energy storage as the main system power plus the reliable LionRock diesel generators as back up.

Customer selected 3Tech solution over the competition, because it offered minimal operating expenses (OPEX) at the best capital expenditure (CAPEX) as well as a fully equipped local service team.

System Configuration

The Energy Solution consists of :

Power Input System

Solar power input, LionRock AC power generator input, and potential future power grid input when available.

Large area solar panels with cleaning robot in desert installation.

Energy Storage System

VRLA Batteries, lithium battery, battery racks, battery monitoring and charging system.

Smart Control and Energy System

LionRock control system integrated Field Surveillance Unit (FSU), Solar Power Unit (PU), AC-DC Rectifier, DC/DC as well as DC/AC inverters to consolidate all power sources into high quality DC power supply for all telecom equipment and other AC powered auxiliary needs.


Telecom solutions

A. Site investigation

In order to ensure the design meets the requirements of tough site environment and site limitation, the 3Tech project team visited representative sites and carried out necessary investigation to ensure the system design will suit the site environment and limitations.

Telecom solutions

B. Factory and production facility inspection

Apart from 3Tech Dongguan factory, customer’s delegates also visited our downstream suppliers including battery factory, solar panel factory and sheet metal fabrication facilities to ensure the system will be built from the highest quality of material and workmanship.

Telecom solutions

C. Logistic challenge

Over a hundred containers of goods will be shipped from various factories from Shanghai, Xiamen and Shenzhen port in each phase. All equipment should be clearly labelled and packaged not only for custom clearance but also for accurate delivery of various components to each site with the original wooden packing.

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Hybrid Energy Solution Features

Telecom Energy Solution,SOLUTIONS,3TECH

Substituting fossil fuel with renewable energy

Reducing operation costs up to 80% by combining the optimized DC generators and energy storage

Implementing a fully-integrated rectifier system and energy storage to provide reliable and efficient telecom quality power supply

Remote monitoring system enables easier management and lowers maintenance costs of remote stations

By adding renewable energy such as solar panels, further minimizing carbon footprint and hence environmental impact