Compact Dummy Load

LionRock Compact Dummy Load is a portable, ultra-compact resistive Dummy Load designed for testing.
The Compact Dummy Load is a portable, ultra-compact, resistive dummy load specifically designed for testing and routine maintenance of generators and UPS systems. At only 30kg@80kW, it is light enough to be easily moved and transported by one technician, and rugged enough to stand up to years of reliable service. The Compact Dummy Load features light weight aluminum and aluminized. Steel construction, and quick-connect load socket. The dummy load comes standard with a hard cover protective travel case on casters with a telescoping handle.


  • CONSTRUCTION: A compact aluminum and aluminized steel enclosure with screened inlet and exhaust openings. Two hand holds are provided for easy lifting.
  • CONTROL POWER: Powered from the testing source (L3-N.176~264AC);completely self contained.
  • COOLING: The resistive elements are air-cooled by fans.
  • CONTROLS: The load are controlled a muti-posistion switch;potentiometer for continuity load adjust (0~7.5kW).
  • DIGITAL METERING: A digital monitoring system is provided for display of Volts, Amps, Frequency, and kW. power meter also includes Data Logging Software through RS485 includes.
  • SAFETY FEATURES: The Compact Dummy Load features main line circuit fusing, and over temperature protection.
  • WEIGHT: Compact Dummy Load is approximately 30kg at 80kW. Dummy load case is approximately 9kg.
  • OPTIONS: 2 meters cable set with connectors (or other length for option).Designs for international 50/60 Hz voltage or custom DC designs are also available.Consult Factory.