1,000 Hours Maintenance-Free Solution for Diesel Gensets

Where generators are running continuously the greatest operating cost is for routine maintenance. Generally, gensets require routine maintenance services every 250 running hours including the replacement of filters and lubrication oil. Operating expenses are not only for replacement parts but also for labour costs and transportation, which can be very significant for remote sites.

To minimize these operating costs and improve the running stability of gensets, LionRock has designed a customized solution that allows a genset to run for 1,000 hours without maintenance.

The system includes:

  • Extended oil sump to increase the lubricating oil capacity

  • Automatic lubricating oil refill system with precision control and consistent quality

  • Additional self-cleaning air filter

  • Enlarged air, fuel, oil and cooling water filters

  • Additional expanded tank to increase water capacity

  • Maintenance-free starting batteries