2020 Bauma China Exhibition,Exhibition,NEWS,3TECH
2020 Bauma China Exhibition,Exhibition,NEWS,3TECH



2020 Bauma China Exhibition

The 2020 Shanghai Bauma Construction Machinery Exhibition has finally come to an end. Such campaign attracted more than 3,000 exhibitors from 93 countries around the globe. Under the rapid emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we glad that the entire exhibition has gone through successfully in an orderly manner.1669085889553253.png3Tech presented a range of new developed products including edge computing data centre, as well as our traditional packaged energy solution. Our products can be applied to almost any industry which uses communication systems such as power grids, petrochemicals, railway and public transportation, mining and much more.

Visitors were impressed by our comprehensive product function and utility, we’ve received a lot of enquiries from different industry.


Together, we strive for a better future!

Edge computing data centre 


Following the rapid development of 5G network, 3Tech developed edge computing data centre with 

unique product characteristics, providing customer with efficient, reliable and intelligent integrated data centre solutions.

Integrated energy system


Provides you with a comprehensive, intelligent and reliable energy solution.

DC generator set


Providing customers with world-class valuable emergency DC power with our traditional LionRock Generator Sets.