Algeria Telecom Training in 3Tech,Training,NEWS,3TECH
Algeria Telecom Training in 3Tech,Training,NEWS,3TECH



Algeria Telecom Training in 3Tech

Algérie Télécom is a listed state-owned enterprise in Algeria. Ten of the Algérie Télécom regional head visited 3Tech in Dongguan on December 21, 2019 for training, lasting 7 days. The training course was about Hybrid Power System and AC Genset, including 8 topics such as 3Tech Telecom Power Solution, Energy Cabinet, OwlEye Remote Monitoring System and so on.

Two training sessions were finished earlier in Algeria by an experienced engineer in 3Tech’s local partner company. To have not just theory training but more field operation chance, the third training was given in 3Tech manufacture base. During the training, especially when in field operation, a lot of technical questions came up but were answered one by one patiently.


Apart from training, we went sightseeing on Chinese traditional buildings and tasted local food with our friends from afar, which helped to deepen our friendship.

The professionalism of 3Tech team was highly recognized by Algérie Télécom team. Also, our enthusiasm and kindness made them feel at home. Hope to see all of you soon!