SOE Webinar - Refreshing Vital Skills of 3Tech’s Engineers,Conference,NEWS,3TECH
SOE Webinar - Refreshing Vital Skills of 3Tech’s Engineers,Conference,NEWS,3TECH



SOE Webinar - Refreshing Vital Skills of 3Tech’s Engineers

Continuous Learning is a key to all the professionals. Through updated with the latest technology and to enrich the knowledge, professional engineers are able to come up with better design and systems.  

Lately (May 15, 2021), 3Tech with the Society of 1669084515745697.jpgOperations Engineers (SOE) Hong Kong Region office conducted a webinar on Renewable Energy application in Hong Kong. This is part of a continuous professional development training course for all of its SOE members.

The following topics were tackled during the webinar:

1.) Solar - Which is considered the hottest renewable in Hong Kong

2.) Wind Turbine - Is there a future for this in HK

3.) Energy Storage/Battery - A key element of the off-grid renewable solution

4.) Bio-diesel/Landfill gas - Will this be an alternative in the region

1669084794300598.jpgEach topic was started with basic principles, key components characteristic and system design consideration. Pros and Cons of various technologies were also compared to allow members to select the best fit for their projects.  3Tech also highlighted the key projects completed and shared their experience.  This associate chiefly with the SOE’s purpose to promote safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable operations engineering to the benefit of society.

With the Webinar, SOE Members are always up to the current standards of the Industry, building awareness through networking and refreshing their vital skills.