Release OwlEye 2.0 Telecom Energy Webinar ,Conference,NEWS,3TECH
Release OwlEye 2.0 Telecom Energy Webinar ,Conference,NEWS,3TECH



Release OwlEye 2.0 Telecom Energy Webinar

On 28th  November, 3Tech hosted a webinar for our global customers on our RMS Telecom Energy OwlEye 2.0 version. Our monitoring and management platform can help customers optimize the operation and maintenance of their equipment to achieve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs while resulting in less environmental impact.


The OwlEye 2.0 platform has been redesigned to make it even more user-friendly. It is a real-time preventive monitoring system with advanced KPI data analysis that improves maintenance efficiency through remote inspection with alarm setting (temperature, fuel leak, battery tracking, etc.). In addition, our RMS is compatible with equipment from multiple manufacturers, allowing it to be transferred from the communications and energy industries to other industries.

During the webinar, attendees asked questions about day-to-day operations and maintenance issues, and the engineers provided detailed answers and solutions to meet each unique situation. Following this webinar, attendees were able to gain a deeper understanding of how the OwlEye Intelligent Monitoring Platform 2.0 can help them optimize their OPEX, while 3Tech continues to improve in line with market concerns.

Contact our experts and understand how our solutions portfolio can contribute to increasing your company’s sustainability, bringing the benefits and returns that exist in taking the path of a low carbon economy.

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