3Tech’s LOBE Digital Energy Solution,Product,NEWS,3TECH
3Tech’s LOBE Digital Energy Solution,Product,NEWS,3TECH



3Tech’s LOBE Digital Energy Solution

With the exponential growth of digital technologies including 5G, cloud data/processing, big data, Artificial intelligence and IoT, the energy demand to support all these technologies also need to be compatible with the digital era. Digital energy is not more than just electric current or voltage, they embedded a lot of information and even used for data transmission.

In order to expand the digital energy into various environment, 3Tech developed the digital energy product targeting LOBE environment. LOBE stands for Low, off, bad and expensive grid power environment. Under such environment, we need smarter digital energy.

Telecom Digital Energy Solution

3Tech hybrid energy system is a smart multi-source energy system designed for the LOBE environment. The system is fully digital control and work seamlessly with renewable energy like solar, hydro and wind. The energy system can be provided with renowned LionRock standby generators to improve the reliability. All energy sources can be used in various combinations to achieve the best efficiency. Energy is consolidated and converted into high quality DC power supply for telecom application. Surplus energy will be kept in energy storage systems. OwlEye monitoring system provides an overall platform with detail usage and generation information.


In addition to telecommunication industry, 3Tech Smart Hybrid Energy system can also be used for residential, commercial and other industrial applications. Our solar carport system is another highly regarded application.