OwlEye Mobile App,Product,NEWS,3TECH
OwlEye Mobile App,Product,NEWS,3TECH



OwlEye Mobile App

With the success of OwlEye launched in 2019, 3Tech continues to enrich the1671090539116027.png functions and capability of the inhouse Smart Remote Monitoring System.  The latest addition is the Mobile device version of OwlEye.  This mobile app allows customer to view, control and manage all the sites in the system with a smart phone or tablet anywhere any time.

This substantially improves the efficiency of telecom sites management and allows immediate response to issues and alarms.

Key Functions including:

· Statistical summary of all sites on line

· Individual site details and equipment status

· Alarm notification and management

· Work order management allow immediate action of accepting jobs

· GIS Map for overall view of multiple sites quickly

· CCTV function to check site situation

· Remote control of equipment functions

· Log and historical data review

· Security control with automatic log out after inactive

· Additional security for control functions

Both Android and iOS versions are available to suit all popular mobile devices.  Additional security management can be set in the main server to limit individual users log in authority and security control parameters to suit different level of working colleagues.


The good news is this mobile app is completely free to all the existing OwlEye customers if a software maintenance contract is in place.