3Tech Philippines project successfully delivered,Projects,NEWS,3TECH
3Tech Philippines project successfully delivered,Projects,NEWS,3TECH



3Tech Philippines project successfully delivered

More than 300 sets of LRXC series sound-proof diesel generator sets and more than 400 sets of FSU sent to the Philippines were successfully delivered!

LionRock diesel generator sets are used as the main and standby power supply for countless industries and enterprises, such as Data Centres, communication base stations, airports, hospitals, commercial buildings, hotels, etc. The project has some sites in the mountains, the utility power is unstable, the transportation is also very difficult, but this environment for 3Tech's LionRock generator sets is more than usual, even when faced with the more adverse Even in the harsher areas of desert or snow and ice, it can easily cope.

In order to make the FSU compatible with the customer's original system, we interfaced with the customer's monitoring system in accordance with the "Base Station Dynamic Loop Monitoring B Interface Technical Specification". After the equipment was shipped, senior engineers were sent to the site for system commissioning and turn-up, network docking, monitoring and testing.


It is worth mentioning that the customer requires the delivery to be completed in more than a month, which is at the time when the China has just announced the full liberalisation of epidemic control, and many colleagues are infected with the COVID-19 one after another, resulting in a shortage of human resources, and the time is imminent.

Under such an urgent situation, the senior leadership carefully assessed the situation, all departments urgently linked up, and adopted strict preventive and control measures to ensure the health and safety of our staff while competing for the project without delaying the project progress. In the face of the challenge, our colleagues worked together and remained on duty to ensure that the project could be delivered on time. In the end, we were able to complete the rigorous pre-shipment testing of our products and ensure the delivery of more than 700 units of equipment on time and in good quality, all under the premise of epidemic prevention and control.


The indomitable spirit and professionalism of all of you is the embodiment of the spirit of the LionRock.

3Tech, Always the Pride!