Indonesia Data Centre Project,Projects,NEWS,3TECH
Indonesia Data Centre Project,Projects,NEWS,3TECH



Indonesia Data Centre Project

On 25 March 2024, 3Tech delivered the first batch of 8 units of Rolls Royce Solution diesel generator sets in LionRock’s 2 hr fire rated 75dBA at 1m container enclosures for the DC building of a data Centre near Jakarta.

The eight generator sets are all rated 2400kW Data Centre Continuous (DCC) to meet the specification of 2300kW requirement.  They are providing critical back up power for the IT load of the data centre.  In addition, 3Tech will deliver second batch of 5 units of 1200kW DCC rated Rolls Royce Solution generators in enclosure for the Air conditioning load and the administration building.

The project also requires a 400kW genset for other load that 3Tech offer our own LionRock Brand LRM560 which is also DCC rated for consistency.




During the tender evaluation in early 2023, 3Tech demonstrated the in depth understanding of Uptime institute’s tier III requirements and how this will be achieved in the tender proposal.  This is extremely critical as the complete project will have to obtain Tier III certification by Uptime Institute.  3Tech even highlighted that the engine emission may need to meet the prime power emission requirement in Indonesia because diesel power is considered as more reliable power under the Uptime Tier III concept.  Therefore, emission compliance engines have to be adopted.

Rolls Royce Solution generator sets are also able to run on B30 biodiesel which was a statutory requirement in Indonesia which is currently updated to B35.


There are two fuel supply systems for all generator sets.  The main fuel system for DC building contains two completely independent systems in order to meet the Tier III parallel redundant infrastructure requirement.  Six units of 80,000L fiberglass steel double wall UL certified tanks with 25 years guarantee will form part of the fuel system for 48 hours continuous operation including additional 10 more generators in second stage of the project.

For the Administration building, a 20,000L bulk tank with single fuel pumping system is provided.  Both fuel systems included fuel laundry system to keep the fuel in highest possible quality during standby.

Exhaust systems for each generator including stainless steel double wall prefabricated pipe with insulation for durability. Diesel Oxidation filter with bypass is also included to further reduce the emission of the engine.


3Tech is proud of involving in this data centre project and will continue to expand into the data centre back up power projects.