LionRock Power Support for Ethio Telecom,Projects,NEWS,3TECH
LionRock Power Support for Ethio Telecom,Projects,NEWS,3TECH



LionRock Power Support for Ethio Telecom


Ethio Telecom was established by Ethiopian government with their headquarter in capital Addis Ababa. Ethio Telecom operates many critical facilities in the capital at average altitude near 2500m. In order to ensure these critical operating facilities are able to support the overall Ethio Telecom service in the country with an estimated population nearly 115million, electricity supply is extremely important.


Due to the development of Ethiopia in recent years, the electricity infrastructure is not able to catch up with the development and power supply reliability has been a problem to Ethio Telecom.  ET identified eight key facilities which are utmost important for their service and decided to upgrade the power supply and back up power for these critical facilities in Addis Ababa.


Each site will be served by dual mains supplies with dual transformers.  Each transformer connected to one Automatic Voltage Regulator to guarantee the power quality. Each site is then backed up by two generators with Automatic transfer switches in switchboard.  Basically, a tier III+ power supply system in mind.


The upgrade project involves 9 units of 1500kVA site rated generator sets in 85dBA at 7m enclosure. 16 units of Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) rated 1250kVA and 630kVA. Each site also consists of an Automatic Control System (ACS) which including necessary switchboard and control system to manage the generator and AVR in order to provide the reliable power supply to these facilities.  In addition, ET had to relocate some of their existing smaller generator sets in order to cover all eight sites.


3Tech was selected because LionRock dual generator controllers system and the comprehensive redundant design increases the overall system reliability as demanded by ET.  Other than dual controllers, each generator set starting system is also of dual batteries and dual chargers.

Two AVR and the ACS system are packaged 1669109620281738.jpginside a standard ISO20HC container for easy transportation as well as future relocation to cope with facility expansion. Each site consists of two generators, two AVR and the LV switchboard with motorised breakers to be controlled by the dual hot standby PLC based ACS control system.