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Ethiopia Data Centre Project,Projects,NEWS,3TECH



Ethiopia Data Centre Project

Diesel generator sets play a vital role in providing backup power and ensuring reliable power supply in data centers (IDCs) and other communication industries.

We have recently supplied 2 sets of LRT2500 high power density diesel generator sets to the Ethiopian Telecom data center project. This double-deck containerized generator set is different from the traditional one. The lower level is the power system with fuel supply, air intake, exhaust noise reduction system and control system. The upper level has an integrated cooling system with exhaust noise reduction system and smoke exhaust with silencer system. It contributes to cost effectiveness with its quick installation and commissioning at the customer's site.

This scalable design is beneficial for data centers and communications industries where power requirements may change over time.

  • 2 x LRT2500 LionRock genset with enclosure

  • Double container design, noise level of 80dBA@1m

  • Dual starter battery system 200Ah/DC24V

  • Woodward 3200 controller

  • 40 degree electric drive up draught water tank

  • 20,000L fuel tank and automatic fuel supply system, meets Tier3 standard design requirements