Emergency power solution for first Waste to Energy Project in Hong Kong,Projects,NEWS,3TECH
Emergency power solution for first Waste to Energy Project in Hong Kong,Projects,NEWS,3TECH



Emergency power solution for first Waste to Energy Project in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department is building the first Integrated Waste Management Facility on an artificial island formed by reclamation off Shek Kwu Chau 18km south west of Hong Kong.  When the facility phase 1 is completed in 2025, it will be able to process 3000 tons of solid waste per day by adopting the latest state-of-art moving gate incineration technology.  This is also the first waste-to-electricity conversion project in Hong Kong with surplus electricity of 480 million kWh generated by 3 units of 60MW steam turbine generators powered by the waste heat from the incinerator.  The electricity is able to power 100,000 households and reduce green house gas emission of 440,000 tons annually.

The project’s global team including contractors and suppliers from Belgium, Singapore and Japan as well as local contractors.  In order to ensure the facility’s safe and self-sustain operation, an Emergency Diesel Generating (EDG) system is required. To achieve the highest reliability, this EDG system is a 2N configuration with 100% redundancy to ensure no single point of failure.  The system consists of six units of 3000kVA/2400kW 11kV diesel generators. When the tender came out in 2020, the complicated synchronization requirements including parallel with steam turbine for black start is a real challenge to all suppliers in Hong Kong because parallel with mains power is prohibited in Hong Kong as well as China.  


3Tech’s global exposure and experience on similar projects overseas provide significant inputs and experience in fine tuning the system design during tender review stage.  3Tech was successfully awarded the project in end 2022 after prolonged technical discussions and various presentations with the project’s global team.  3Tech’s technical expertise and experience are highly regarded by customer. 

With the support of Rolls Royce Solutions China, 3Tech offered a full turnkey solution to customer for the EDG system using genuine MTU packaged diesel generator sets DS3300 with NOx optimized in order to meet the demanding emission requirement of the whole project.


3Tech’s solution including plantroom acoustic treatment to 85dBA at 1m, fuel system, exhaust piping system, dual neutral earth resistor system, dual redundant starting system as well as the master synchronization system.

The first three generators are expected to deliver in 2023 and ready for the plant commissioning in mid 2024.

3Tech is proud of being selected for such a unique project and contributing to improving the Hong Kong environment.


3Tech, Always the Pride!